Keeping your business moving in the right direction

Whether you run a fleet of taxis, trucks, trains or aircraft or whether you are transporting passengers or livestock, HOCl can deliver clear hygiene, operational and business benefits.

In fact, wherever people or cargo are on the move, there are potentially sanitising and sterilising problems but with HOCl become genuine opportunities for the proactive organisation.

That’s because HOCl enables you to ensure that your fleet – be it on the road or on rails, in the water or in the air – is safer for your customers, your staff and the public. Moreover, if your fleet looks, smells and feels fresher and more hygienic it works wonders for your brand, reputation and business.

A Massive Advantage of using HOCl

HOCl freezes longer / defrosts slower than water and releases it’s natural Sterilising properties as it melts – fantastic for fish catches etc.

HOCl gives you a competitive advantage

Another advantage of HOCl is that it can be applied quickly and easily, delivers an ‘instant kill’ and provides long-lasting protection. The result? Your fleet spends more time earning you money and less time costing you money whilst out of operation for cleaning.

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