The successful replication of the human defence mechanism

The human immune system is equipped with a complex array of defence mechanisms which respond to attacks by pathogens, helping neutralise and remove foreign materials from the body.

For example, when bacteria gets under the skin, perhaps via a wound, a type of white blood cell (neutrophils) are released from the bloodstream and via a chemotaxis process, migrate to and surround the bacteria. At this point, the neutrophils secrete an enzyme which decays to produce the; hypochlorous or HOCl, thus destroying the threat.

The highly innovative chemical formula behind the success of HOCl uniquely replicates this human chemotaxis process and produces the same active and natural biocidal which occurs in all of us, hypochlorous or HOCl.

A major breakthrough with massive benefits to mankind

The potential benefits of HOCl have been documented and studied for over 200 years. In fact, a wide range of bodies from the Soviet space agency and the American Environmental Protection Agency to a wide range of medical, pharmaceutical and water organisations have studied the use of HOCl. However, the problem has always been its instability. For example, human-produced HOCl has a shelf life of about 12 hours.

Even the utilisation of electrolysis to produce a pure form hypochlorous only resulted in a solution with a shelf life of between 15 seconds and 24 hours.

Despite the fact that HOCl is one of the most powerful biocides known and around many hundreds of times more effective than any man-made chemical, it’s instability has meant that all science has been able to offer us is NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite) and comes with its well-documented problems: toxicity, smell, taint and irritancy being just some of them.

Going ‘Green’ without compromising quality

HOCl is not just the ultimate steriliser, sanitiser and protector – being many hundred times more effective than any alternative and delivering an ‘instant kill’ – but it’s also the ultimate ‘green’ solution.

It is completely safe to humans, animals and plant life while having nil environmental impact; it has no toxins and has zero COSHH and disposal implications (It can simply be placed into wastewater); plus it is non-corrosive and has no smell, taste, taint or irritancy.

Furthermore, there is no need to rinse after application, so HOCl saves water and as it can be used at ambient temperature, machinery, for example, needn’t be warm before application, also saving energy.

HOCl enables you to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals from your environment and increase ‘people welfare’ (be they customers, visitors, staff or family and friends) by removing these toxic chemicals. Also, it does not contain alcohol and is, therefore, kinder to the skin.


The revolutionary process behind HOCl removes the requirement for electrolysis and produces a hypochlorous solution in a stable form, with a shelf life of up to 24 months and the capability to utilise the solution in differing liquid strengths.