Put hygiene at the top of your shopping list

Whether your business clothes shops or chemists, department stores or discount chain, cafes or culinary outlets, successful retailing relies on reputation which relies on effective and efficient hygiene regimes.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking only retailing related to food has hygiene regulations to worry about and adhere to. Retail outlets mean lots of people, surfaces, and products in close proximity and therefore provide a perfect place for bacteria, spores, and viruses of all kinds to prosper.

That’s why your sanitising, sterilising and protecting procedures have to be uncompromising. Utilise the power of HOCl and yours will be.

The ultimate test for HOCl is at your tills

This unique solution is already proving its worth in all sorts of challenging applications where hygiene breaches can lead to a whole litany of problems: such as staff or customer illness, outlet closures, lost income, fines and prosecutions, damaged reputations and plummeting sales and profits.

Conversely, if your facilities look, smell and feel fresher and more hygienic it benefits your brand and your business.

A designer hygiene solution without the designer price tag

A key advantage of HOCl is that it costs no more, and frequently a lot less than more traditional sanitising and sterilising products. Above all it can be applied quickly and easily, delivers an ‘instant kill,’ provides long-lasting protection and reduces waste, actually saving you money and time.

So in a competitive retail environment, it gives you a competitive edge.

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