Meeting the toughest challenge of all

There are no greater testing environments for sanitising and sterilising solutions than the public sector. Just imagine the number and type of applications the public sector represents; everything from schools, colleges and care homes, to waste disposal sites, sports centres, hospitals and prisons. Then just add every kind of facility you can think of in between.

HOCl is already proving its worth in a number of key public sector applications where hygiene breaches can mean illness, facility closure, lost income, fines, and prosecution.

It costs you less to get it right than it does to get it wrong

In the public sector there are so many meeting places and people using the facilities that the potential for passing infection and cross-contamination is rife – so why risk an ineffectual cleaning regime when you can be safe and sure with HOCl?

Especially when, with public sector budgets under such scrutiny, our solution is highly competitively priced and is often less expensive than our traditional rivals or competitors.

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