Our HOCl solution kills new e.coli strain

NATURES PANACEA, the company behind newly launched ‘universal sanitiser’, HOCL, has received confirmation from leading university that the 100% natural product kills the new strain of E.coli, which has so far affected more than 2,000 people across Europe, killing many.

Hypochlorous – known as HOCl – was developed to address what is described by NATURES PANACEA spokesperson, Paul Booker, as “the environmental ‘time bomb’ and health and safety imbalance caused by the use of alcohol or dangerous chlorine chemicals, bleach or disinfectant to achieve cleanliness over the decades.”

He explains how it works: “The human (mammalian) body produces HOCl to fight infection, which means it is both safe for us and the environment. It comes in the form of a clear and colourless liquid and can only be found in aqueous form.

“It works by replicating the natural immune system. When a wound breaks human skin, it creates a gateway to blood vessels for harmful pathogens to invade human cells. Human blood vessels contain a type of white blood cell called neutrophils, and when pathogens invade a human cell, neutrophils travel to the infection site to destroy the invading pathogen. The first step in this process is engulfing the pathogen and once the neutrophil has completely surrounded the pathogen, it produces an oxidant HOCl that kills the bacteria almost instantly.”

The idea of using HOCl as a steriliser is far from new – it was first identified in 1811 by Sir Humphrey Davy as the substance used by the body to fight infection, and first produced using electrolysis in 1823. During the First World War it was used in “Field Labs” to irrigate soldiers’ wounds and was shown to heal them far quicker than those unable to receive the same treatment.

However, by definition, HOCl was ‘unstable’ and therefore could not be produced with a shelf life long enough to make it viable. It wasn’t until the space race of the 1960s that the Russians achieved the next major breakthrough, producing batches with very limited stability.

Finally, last year a UK company produced stable, concentrated HOCl by copying the body’s defence mechanism – a world first that uses a secret formula and method that is impossible to “reverse engineer” or copy.

NATURES PANACEA, a new company formed by a group of innovative entrepreneurs with the aim of improving quality of life around the world by bringing natural, safe and effective products to market in order to prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths every year, acquired the global rights to HOCl earlier this year.

Already in talks with agencies across the globe regarding the supply of HOCl for the sterilisation of water supplies in affected areas and its uses for disaster relief, NATURES PANACEA is turning its attention to countries affected by the new outbreak of E.coli, having received this important confirmation from a leading university.