One thing you cannot afford to do in the leisure sector – relax

In general, leisure facilities provide the ideal environment for bacteria, spores, and viruses of all kinds to prosper, to the detriment of your cleaning regime and potentially, your good name.

From gyms, swimming pools and sports centres to holiday camps and wherever else people gather, especially in warm, damp environments your sanitising, sterilising and protecting procedures have to be uncompromising. Utilise the power of HOCl and protect your brand.

Protecting people, brands, and businesses

This unique solution is already proving its worth in challenging leisure facilities where hygiene breaches can mean staff or guest illness, closure, lost income, fines, and prosecution. Whilst these problems can often be clearly measured in terms of cost, the damage to your reputation and profitability can be harder to calculate.

However, if your facilities look, smell and feel fresher and more hygienic it can enhance your brand and help you grow your business.

So turn cleanliness into a competitive advantage

Another advantage of HOCl is that it can be applied quickly and easily, delivers an ‘instant kill’ and provides long-lasting protection. The result? Your facilities spend less time ‘Closed for Cleaning’ and more time “Open for Business”.

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