HOCl - A brief History

1811 HOCl was identified by Sir Humphry Davy (of Miners Safety Lamp fame) as what the body produces to fight infection – although it wasn’t understood how it fought infection.

1823 Davy’s student Michael Faraday manages to isolate and produce HOCl by electrolysis, passing current through brine solution.

1914 HOCl was then used in the First World War to irrigate the wounds where a “field lab” could be set up and the soldiers healed in half the time as those that didn’t have this opportunity.

1960s Next major advance occurs during the space race when the Russians were able to produce HOCl and achieve very limited stability.

Work has continued on the electrolysis method producing limited stability HOCl (By definition HOCl is unstable).

2010 a U.K. based company finally managed to produce stable concentrated HOCl by copying the body’s defence mechanism.