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The sanitising, sterilising and protection efficacy of HOCl has been proven in years of research and development, extensive laboratory testing, stringent approvals processes for international regulatory requirements and in countless practical applications in a wide range of industry sectors and homes.

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Many applications and problems, one solution

An effective, efficient, simple and rationalised cleaning regime is vital to the success of countless businesses and organisations: from gymnasiums to brewers and dentists to restaurants. At the heart of such a regime, you should put the risk-free option; HOCl.

Alongside you’ll find just some of the sectors that are successfully doing just that and are already benefiting from HOCl.

Fogging with HOCl to reduce the bacterial and viral load in a space

Dishwashers are a breeding ground for killer bugs.

Dishwashers are a breeding ground for potentially killer bugs, say scientists. The moist and hot environment serves as a perfect habitat for two types of dangerous fungi which can also be found in other kitchen appliances such as washing machines and coffee machines.