All the efficiency, none of the harm

The combination of food, health, and hygiene present every stage of the industry – from the field to the plate – with unique problems. But now, thanks to HOCl, you have a unique solution to them.

Even though the local, national and international legislative framework is ever more stringent for those in the food industry – with the potential to do catastrophic damage to your brand, reputation, productivity, and profitability – the right cleaning regime can actually add up to a tangible competitive edge.

Our technical advantage is your competitive advantage

From farmer to manufacturer and grower to restauranteur, our customers are reaping the operational and business benefits of HOCl. By using this innovative and proven solution, they have eliminated the risks associated with traditional cleaning regimes. Our ‘nature equivalent’ solution is 300 times more effective than what you’re likely to be using, delivering an ‘instant kill’ to all life-threatening germs such as MRSA, C.Diff, Salmonella, Legionella, Pseudomonas, the Norovirus and many more besides. All this is achieved without any threat to people, animals or plant life. In addition, HOCl has zero COSHH, disposal or environmental impacts; it can even be recycled.

Furthermore, it’s taste, smell and taint free and has no corrosives, surfactants or irritants. You can find a full breakdown of the many benefits of HOCl here.

This all adds up to better business

HOCl can be safely and effectively used at every stage of food production, literally from the field to the plate. It can help prolong food shelf life, reduce the risk of cross-contamination and be used on cold machinery (even mid-cycle) without the need for pre-heating or rinsing, so minimising your water usage.

Not only does HOCl deliver maximum plant uptime with minimum downtime for enhanced productivity and profitability; it reduces costs, cleaning times and wastage. Plus it has a long and stable shelf life, so it’s readily available when you need it.