Customers don't just place their business with us...they place their trust

Since 2002 Paul Booker and the team behind NATURES – PANACEA and HOCl have delivered innovative, specialist, cost-effective and high-quality products and services to both the commercial and consumer marketplaces. During the two decade since then, the emphasis has always been firmly on providing unrivalled customer service while operating in an environmentally respectful way.

Specialists in surfaces – inside and out

All the operational strands of our enterprise entwine in our unique capability: the repair, maintenance, cleaning, detailing, protection and performance of surfaces. That’s right from the bodywork of cherished classic cars and the hulls of superyachts to the interiors and exteriors of commercial passenger aircraft and sterilisers and sanitisers for business and home use.

NATURES – PANACEA is just one in a portfolio of revolutionary solutions

ooops! uses pioneering materials, techniques and technologies to restore the ‘pride and joy’ of our customers – from vintage cars to commercial vehicles – returning them to show room condition.

tripleO utilises a truly innovative nano-technology, high-performance surface coating solution, which was previously only known to the US military and government, to clean and protect the external and internal surfaces of everything from an RJ/BAe 146 of the Royal Flight to a fleet of passenger aircraft. Due to the way in which tripleO reduces drag and the build-up of debris on external surfaces, our customers have enjoyed reduced fuel usage, helping to save them money and minimise their operational impact on the environment with a massive reduction in carbon footprint.

In fact, the positive environmental benefits of tripleO have recently led to this performance coating being tested by windfarm and solar panel operators and manufacturers.

NATURES – PANACEA revolutionary new product HOCl, replicates the body’s natural defence systems to kill ALL known bacteria, spores and viruses; delivering an ‘instant kill’ sanitising, sterilising and protecting surfaces and many other things besides (such as purifying water) to rapidly eliminate risk and enhance health and well-being in a wide range of applications, at work and in the home.

Giving you the value and service we’d like to receive

Once you’ve experienced any of our products or services, you’ll understand that our passion for, and dedication to, delivering excellence, care and value drive all we do.

That’s not just a working philosophy it’s a working practice.

For example, training, skills, and qualifications are a prerequisite for our team. We don’t just perfect the technical talents of our people, whether they be an aircraft technician or bodywork specialist, we hone the human qualities, as well. So we have a thorough induction program that involves the technical aspects and client relationship management with ongoing training and development thereafter. Plus, for your complete peace of mind, all our people are security checked.

In addition, to ensure that you and your assets are looked after with the utmost care each member of our team is placed on a quality bonus pay scheme. This targets 10 things every month that will ensure you and your assets receive the best service possible.